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There's CARES help to be found ...

Hey folks. This may not be the best fit for individual artists and musicians, but it might be a HUGE help to our local performing arts groups and non-profits. Sound Diplomacy, which also conducted Huntsville's Music Audit, has created a new 'toolkit' aimed at helping understand and navigate the murky waters around the millions of dollars in federal COVID relief funding available through The CARES Act. A chunk of that funding must be spent by individual states on the Arts by the end of the year, but not many people no the details of how that will happen. You can use this CARESforMusic toolkit to learn more. And while this may not help the individual musician or band, please share this around as it will almost certainly help someone. This is the description from their website ... "We want to provide communities with a toolkit of useful information, guidance and evidence to support urgent applications, approvals and programs to use existing CARES Act funding that must be spent by December 30, 2020 to support music and creative communities in every community in America"

You can find the Toolkit here >>> <<< and follow on social media using the hashtag #CARESforMusic.

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