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Showcases, Scholarships and other Cool Music Stuff

Holy moly, there are A LOT of things happening this coming weekend and the rest of the month. First, from the Microwave Dave Music Education Foundation and Valley Conservatory, young musicians can get scholarship money to help them continue their musical journeys via the Danny Hall Memorial Music Scholarship. The deadline to apply is November 2nd.

Huntsville musicians continue to release a steady stream of new, original music. More than 30 artists and bands have released new music this year. We're working on a comprehensive list to be posted soon, but it's mind blowing how much great music is coming out of the Tennessee Valley. Most recently, that includes new music from Lana White, X.Y. Spaces, WordzPerfect, Hew Tyler, Deqn Sue and producer extraordinaire Kelvin Wooten. On October 23rd at 7pm, the Shane Davis Group releases its new album at Trash Bone Warehouse in Huntsville. This is an all-ages venue.

This Friday (Oct 16, 2020), Yellowhammer celebrates its 10th anniversary with a great music showcase featuring Danny Davis (Tangled String Studios), Ben Davis, Alan Little (Listen Local), Ryan Wall and Brad & Clint. Finally, a huge thanks to Tom, Grace and everyone at HuntsvilleMusic.Com for working so hard on a live music events calendar. However, they can't do it alone. Bands and musicians ... help yourselves and make sure you submit your shows to these folks so they can help share you with the world.

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