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World's Longest Running & We're Not Them

One of the most important goals in the 2019 Huntsville Music Audit is the establishment of a healthy live music event calendar (or calendars) to promote Huntsville artists' local performances in an accurate and timely fashion. During the Audit, it was identified that one big challenge to have a great online music calendar is a lack of participation. Huntsville is not the only community that sees this challenge. Too many online calendars and social media to keep up with. Too few of those digital resources 'talk' to each other, which makes it tough for an artist with a lot of gigs to keep everything plugged in online. We are still seeing in Huntsville's scene today. FIND LINKS TO SUBMIT YOUR SHOWS on the Huntsville Music Board Calendar Page - CLICK HERE. On that note, I know that many HMB members are thrilled that Know Huntsville is now powering the website. Know Huntsville continues to do things no other local media outlet is doing with high quality coverage of arts and culture in Huntsville, including music, comedy, food and beverage and other activities. They currently have the most active Huntsville Music Calendar, but I'm seeing that artists and event promoters are failing to get their event info posted. As a Board, this is one of the challenges we continue to explore as we seek to bring together different community partners to find solutions for Huntsville, and hopefully, beyond. And one last point, the HMB and Know Huntsville have very similar web addresses ... ... ... We live in the same URL neighborhood, but are not related in any way. You'll continue to find great local music content in both places.

One event happening Saturday, November 21st is the 16th Annual Cigar Box Guitar Music Festival, the world's longest-running cigar box guitar festival. It takes place outdoors on the dock at Lowe Mill and at various smaller locations scattered throughout the Mill. The event is free to the public. Here's the lineup ... Noon-1:00 pm Pat Nickel ... 1:00-2:00 pm John Savage ... 2:00-3:00 pm Jim Parker ... 3:00-4:00 pm John Nickel ... 4:00-5:00 pm Microwave Dave ... The event benefits the Microwave Dave Music Education Foundation, which does so many wonderful things for musicians, young and old, in our scene.

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