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This is Brett Tannehill with the Huntsville Music Board. It's been a challenging year for everyone, and we're all still seeing the struggles of people and places we all know and love. The Board has been busy working together and in our communities to bring relief and resiliency, and caution, as people begin to once again venture out into our new COVID reality. Mandatory masks reduce community spread. Our failure to contain the virus has upended our lives, but we're doing a lot better! Things felt safe and busy at StoveHouse for Toy Shop last week (8/22/20 -- in the picture). Campus 805 had a nice gathering of people on Butler Green as well. As people begin to return to live music settings, we want to make sure they appreciate the value of participating in a dynamic live performance, and understand the skill and infrastructure it takes to make it happen. Please keep an eye on this space as various HMB members, and maybe a few surprise guests, will share news and perspective on Huntsville and Tennessee Valley culture.

The HMB (Huntsville Music Board) is working to find ways to support our arts community. We're also making progress on several of the goals laid out by the 2019 Huntsville Music Audit. Think of the Music Audit as the HMB's playbook. Please read it. If you see a need YOU can fill, then go for it and start building! So far, the Board's nine volunteer members are divided into four main Committees ... Education ... Projects ... Policy ... Communications ... More committees and subcommittee are to come giving more people a chance to get directly involved. We also know have our own website ... ... to connect you with music industry resources, events calendars, local music news and other Board activities.

I do hope we can inspire more motivated individuals to dig into the Music Audit and find your own way to pitch in, as a fan or an artist. If you find something in the Audit you like, let us know about it! Different Board members and special guests will post here with a variety of news, picture, videos and music resources. Email us at ... ... and thanks for all the support so far!

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