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Amphitheatre Approved and Huntsville Music in Chattanooga

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

This week, the Huntsville City Council gave final approval to move ahead with building Huntsville's $40,000,000. Yeah, that's a lot of zeroes that could do a lot of other things in our community. And yes, there are concerns about whether a publicly-funded entertainment venue will help or compete with other local entertainment venues. The Huntsville Music Board is watching this closely. I've spoken a few times with Ryan Murphy, president of Huntsville Venue Group, which is managing the amphitheater. Ryan also attended one of our board meetings to fill us in. One of the points Ryan made that stuck with me was that local musicians and bands could benefit greatly from having a space that brings in larger acts and bigger crowds, which creates better exposure for the opening acts. And also, that there will be a smaller stage on the outside of facility that can be used to feature local bands as people are walking into a bigger concert. It also has space for other activities, like a Farmers Market. Follow info about the Huntsville Amphitheatre on their Facebook page. In other big Huntsville music news, WLRH Public Radio's weekly local music show, Valley Sounds, has been picked up by 88.1 WUTC Chattanooga, which is now blasting the very best in Huntsville music across its city every Saturday at 4pm. Talkin' The Blues with Microwave Dave also got picked up and airs on WUTC Sundays at 8pm. Here in Huntsville, Valley Sounds airs on 89.3 WLRH Saturdays at 9pm. I think this potentially HUGE for Huntsville artists as we now have a strong foothold into a new, vibrant (and nearby) entertainment market. WLRH has also loaded its entire Local Aliens local music compilation series onto YouTube. You can play each disc in its entirety ... great for a situation where you want to feature local music at a party or gathering, or if you just want to escape. Here's a link to the WLRH YouTube page.

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